Saturday, October 11, 2014


                   SERENA SMILES

     Serena was such a great little dancer

    Up until the day she found out she had cancer

    Such a young girl with only six month to live

    She had so much to offer and everything to give

    How can such a young girl get stage 4 just like that?

    Her Six months to live sure is going so fast

   They sure wish they could take that time with her back

   Serena had so many plans, she never got to hold a boys hand

  The chemo took the last beauty she had, hurts us to see her sad

  She said she seen they white angels fly, it must be true Serena don’t lie

 Her parents pray for no more pain, they see cancer going to her brain

Her last day Serena didn’t want any meds she wanted to see her family around her bed

Moments later she was dead, as Serena’s parents prayed the angels carried her soul away



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