Monday, October 13, 2014


                      ORPHANS ON THE STREETS

He was a little orphan boy, abandoned at church of St, Maloy

These children are abused and neglected

By society another orphan that’s been rejected

A blonde hair blue eyed boy that’s confused

What did he do wrong, why was he abused

How can a parent just throw their child away?

Sadly it happens to hundreds of children everyday

Most children treated this way, end up running away

There are too many orphans on the streets with no ware to go

where did all these orphans come from no body knows

 but If everyone cared then the orphans would have somewhere to stay

 aren't Parents are suppose to care for their children till their adults

 These children are abandoned by them and it isn't their fault

So they have to steal for their food, their labeled no good

If one in every ten families took an orphan in

 Then we would be in a fight that we had a chance to win

Please think about what I said, before another orphan ends up dead

So next time you see an orphan on the street, at least give him something to eat

Because that orphan could have been you or me

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