Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The words you’re throwing straight at my head

You Missed by a mile it  had broken my heart instead

The things you’re saying are letters that are labeled

All the words that you’re throwing are barely stable

unlike stick and stones, you’re throwing words you throw

  You’d think it wouldn't hurt but it has broken all my bones

Some of the words that your throwing, are words you don't even know

Heartless cold words that you sling everyday hurt me more than I can say

Like a curse on a voodoo doll, you laugh every time I fall

I know you still love me, so these words aren't as strong as they used to be

it's all because I haven't proposed I tell ya I've tried more times than you know

you're acting like a child even for you it's not your style

I still can’t get over all those hurtful words  you said

Take the words back, or i'll throw them back at your head

then maybe then You’ll see how it hurts and you'll stop flinging instead

out of my heart I took you back for a day

now You’re back to throwing words slinging words i'd never say

It makes no sense, where did you learn this game you play

 these are all new words,you don't even know what they say

I learned how to become protected, cause lately I feel neglected 

two can play this game I’m slinging words back at you

So how does it feel when there's nothing you can do

 I know it hurts, I hope slinging words are through

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