Tuesday, October 21, 2014



I’m out here doesn't anyone care

I bark for your attention but you are not aware

Sometimes you feed me I have no water for days

In the winter you’re so good to me

WOW!your throwing out a bale of hay

Why do you have me every time I wag my tail and you walk away

I haven’t seen the inside in over two years

Standing frozen in my bale of tears

You don’t even take time to pet me or at least call my name

 you are one animal lover who should be ashamed

I've been in the cold so long my chain is embedded into my neck

The gangrene infection that has set in I’m so far beyond being sick

I have died now three weeks ago, lay to rest was my soul

The worst heartbreaking thought was you didn't even know

A true animal lover with a heart has calling animal control

 you will now know what it’s like to be in a cage where nobody knows or cares

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