Thursday, October 23, 2014


 Annie May you’re all I can see

You’re eyes have gone across the country

You've got skin so soft, like, a cloud from heaven

Where I seen my heart last, I've falling in your soul

Falling so deep, where I’m at nobody knows

If I could give my life for just one night

You know I would, so I’m misunderstood

 It doesn't mean you can’t love me

I can be the man you need me to be

Just ask! Because when I’m with you

 I believe I can fly Annie May I’m misunderstood

I’d bring you to heaven if I could

So you can see you belong in the angel in me

I love you’re soft voice reminds me of a newborn

And every time you don’t see me my heart is torn

Torn another thread till I got no more thread to spread

Annie May you will see me, it’s the way life has to be
I watch you on the phone from a distant

So I pretend you’re talking to me while we’re kissing

So give a long shot a chance, you just might find that romance

That you go to bed dreaming you’d find if you could

Annie May I’m misunderstood, Annie May why are you so cold

This stories starting to unfold, Annie May you've gotten no soul

 So I broke down and told you how I felt, you looked right through me

Why can’t we give this a chance, come back to earth if you can

Annie May what’s the temperature in your world?

Sorry to break it to you, too poor to be an uptown girl

Don’t worry don’t be sad we have you back and we’re glad

Glad to know you’re here look my way if you could

Please Annie May I’m misunderstood, a good guy who never had a chance

Annie May giving half a chance I could be you’re man

Suddenly the times have turned, something about you I've learned

You’re blind! You weren't ignoring the pleading of mine

I feel bad to call you cold Annie May you have the warmest soul

Now I see why you've looked through me before

Annie May I’m misunderstood, but you see something they never could

People talk and call us odd couple a blind woman and a half wit

You don’t care because you see something the sighted never could

Thank you Annie May I’m no longer misunderstood

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