Tuesday, October 21, 2014



I feel like I’m living inside a shell like a movie

A twilight zone where I’m at a place I've already been

 Everyday has become a scenario of a deja vu

Everywhere I go the people around me somehow I know

 Who they are, and their where their suppose to be

But am I, how have I got lost, this place looks familiar to me

And will tomorrow start all over again

There’s neither a moment nor a distant place can make me feel safe

So many times I feel like I’m on the outside looking in

Wondering where this all began and when will this madness end

Why can’t I be the same guy as I was back then? I knew where I was

I start to spin then I feel like I’m falling, never reaching the ground

What’s at the end, is this the place I belong, or was I here all along

My mind has become a picture show, the ending I already know

Because I've been here before, what worlds on the other side of the door

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