Friday, October 17, 2014


               EBONY AND IVORY

Ebony and ivory str8 from the sandbox when you used to play with me

We were friends from the start at the sandbox, but lately we've faded apart

No one can take the place of you, really! We’re tight as ebony and ivory

We played ball till the night’s end, before all this racism between people set in

Society says we can’t be friends, I've heard it over and over again

What they will never understand we’re ebony and ivory till the end

Color doesn't matter in our eyes; I couldn't love him any less if I tried

We have fought together for what we believe, that’s ebony and ivory

You held my head back when I broke my nose, and we wore each others close

 We said when we graduated we were going to build submarine to go in the sea

 Always and forever we are ebony and ivory, we stand on the front line of a protest

About a friend of ours, a racist caused his death; beating racism is a big step

How come the world can’t see, were all brothers we’re all part of ebony and ivory

It’s as much for me as for you, a story that’s true, we’re ebony and ivory so can you

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