Friday, October 24, 2014


               THE BATTLE
Did you hear all that hype their saying about ya?

Not for a moment did I ever doubt ya

You know girl I can’t live without ya

Hip hop battlers are rattling all around ya

Their rapping you looked like BO BO the clown when they did ya ultra sound

You’re parents didn't have ya more like they found ya

 when you're time is over they'll have to mount ya

 now you know I don’t believe a word their saying

That hip hop hood rat crap that their spraying

You got to battle when you're backs against the wall and own you’re respect

Otherwise you'll be nothing after all and this will drive you to get a Uzi tech

And that’s no good it’ll just cause a messy wreck

Battle back because they don’t know who their daddy is

You know this to be true no matter how sad it is

I know you don’t like to speak negative words

But my friend you’ve got respond to what you’ve heard

You know as well as me words aren't always kind

Gots battle back this time otherwise they’ll mess with your mind

Because everyone knows you’re the king of rap battle and you know why

The rap battle is over now it’s time for goodbye

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