Monday, October 20, 2014


                    TWENTY ONE

The meanings of Numbers are different to everyone

I have so many stories about my number by the way it’s 21

What is your number and what does it mean to you

Have you ever thought about your numbers and what they add up too?

Numbers are something that is corresponding and controls our lives

They can be a confusing how many people you know died on the same number

Living your life without numbers is like a storm without thunder, don’t belong

Will I die too on the twenty first, that’s a thought that’s the worst?

But I have to wonder what twenty one means to me, or a place I’m supposed to be

My mother and father both died on the twenty first, is it a blessing or a curse

Twenty one used to be such a great number, will it be the death of me I wonder?

I used to see twenty one in so many dreams, twenty one means something so it seems

Have you figured it out yet about your number, add it up over and over it’s always under 100

Well it’s the twentieth and tomorrows the twenty first, will it be the best or the worst

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