Thursday, October 30, 2014


Enough is enough, stop it before it has begun

Have a heart and become the one, don’t accept what he’s done

 Once in your life stand up take a part and tell someone

You've heard it all before, he breaks your arm knocks you to the floor

Don’t become another of his statistics, enough is enough is more realistic

Do not be the one who keeps falling and lies about what he’s done

So deep down believe in who you are don’t let him dictate who you can become

Life has so much more to offer, than the way he’s beating you

Think about all the beatings he’s done, and what a loser he has become

He needs to beat you instead, you promise yourself he’ll never hurt you again

And tomorrow is another day, the beating starts over again, it happens everyday

You dare question his infidelity , he hits you so hard you can barely breathe

Now the truth is out and so are you, never again will he put his hands on you

You and your child have started a new life, he’s searching for you every night

On the outside he’s such a great guy, everyone in town believes his lies

So they help him track you down, and they find you in another town

They threaten to take your kid and you will be having an accident tonight

He’s good at accidents that’s how he fights, he accidentally fell on a knife and lost his life

No one should ever have to fear for your life, fight back and do what’s right, enough is enough

I have so many friends I cannot forgive, after finding out this is the way they live

I have no excuse to their wives but to say I’m sorry, did I close my eyes or was I a dummy

How could I have seen them every day and never seen it coming, a message to all those friend

Enough is enough I say to the way you live, a life of terror well friend we are never again

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