Friday, October 17, 2014



Timing is everything I've had my close calls

If it wasn't for timing I wouldn't be here at all

Many things we don’t understand

Like was it fate or was it gods plan

Like the time we first met, in the rain your car had a flat

I came along just at the right time, and the rain in our hair

 For the first time we didn't care how we looked

Timing is everything for the crash on I 95

If we didn't take the wrong exit we wouldn't be alive

Timing is everything when the twister missed my house

If it would have came down we be dead that’s no doubt

Timing has saved everyone’s life over a million times

All I know without timing the sun wouldn't shine

Without timing the sun would crash with the moon

Timing keeps us moving each day, without timing

 Then time wouldn't mean anything, life would end too soon

Timing is everything timing helps us keep track of the day

it would just be another day melting away, I’m grateful for timing everyday

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