Saturday, October 18, 2014



  I feel like I’m drowning I’m getting pulled down under to the deep

Finding the all the stresses of my life are becoming too steep

Swimming to the top for air as it’s getting harder to breathe

Knowing what I know about you it’s becoming impossible to be me

What’s your putting me through is not fair, what it’s doing don’t you care

These secrets I hold of what you have done, if someone finds out your future is gone

Go to a priest you need to confess, it might help to take away some stress

 So you can clean up this mess the crime you committed was under duress

You done what had to be do; he attacked and tried to kill you, so you took his life with a gun

 it was self defense, turn yourself in increase your chance for what you've done was right

it could have went the other way not ready to face it so you go on the run,your trying to get away from what you done

Now your story about the truth is out now, I hope you the very best, I hope someday you can work it out

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