Tuesday, October 7, 2014



  I pulled up to your house but you weren't alone

 You act like you don’t like me, why do you treat me this way

 If I had any sense I’d drive away, I don’t have any sense not today

 When I’m around you like it rough, why do you have to be so damn tough?

 I can see deep in your eyes you’re not that tough, when is it enough

 When you’re around your friend you act this way you’re so hurtful in the words you say

  Before you use me girl another day, think how you hurt me, you’re to blame

 You’re sneaky and heartless I know you’re cold, I know there a side of you that you don’t know

It’s a side that’s deep down, a part of you that wants me around

You have to be so cold and hard, it’s what makes you who you are

It’s time to go I can only take so much pain, if you love me you’ll be back again

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