Thursday, October 16, 2014



I knew a man who died today who did things his own way

He had a son he never seen His lonely home was behind the stream

A place no one visited, cause he’s so mean

He has to be the angriest man I've ever seen

As I look around at the funeral home

For the first time I realized I’m standing alone

The funeral director wasn't even there

 I yelled out hello it echoed through the air

Look for somewhere to sit, in the corner was a chair

I grabbed the chair to put in the middle of the room

  But it wouldn't move, what am I to do

It was slightly foggy I could barely see

But as I looked down at the dead guy I realized it was me

At that moment it was clear to me I’m in some twilight dream

I got the message from what my dream was showing

If I don’t change at the rate I’m going, then I’m going to die alone

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