Wednesday, October 15, 2014


                  WITHOUT ME

Don’t die I know you, I can’t lie so I’ll have to show you

 Someday I’ll show you how to get by without me, doing it your way

It’s so easy just like it used to be, you are

At a place in your life, whereas, your decisions instead of wrong are right

 Then for, you don’t need me, because you are a girl that’s free

And no more heartaches from me, so nice to feel this way about me

 It’s nice without having someone holding you down everyday

This is a warning girlfriend to stay away, from me, I’m on the wrong way

If stay with me you will regret everything, you do from here say

Now on you can do things your way. You’re too old to play

The childish games men play, so you just do things your way

So Get up and do your best to walk away, from all the promises I break

Find a, different path than I take, you have, so much girl

To put it all on the line it’s a mistake

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