Saturday, October 4, 2014


                                     LIFE OF A SERIAL KILLER
 I just moved to a lake shore community it’s like starting over with full immunity

 As I entered the quiet lake front basement great place to bury my bodies under

 I found a place that I could bury so many bodies they’ll never find

So if you know someone who’s missing it might be one of mine

Who do I kill?  I pick only the ones who are young and in their prime

You don’t want to know what pleasure I put my victims through

 It’s a passion of mine, to find some new, inflicting pain is what I do

 So if you become appealing to me, how much pain I inflict is up to you?

 It could be quick, but painless is not an option, if you fight back I’ll do it again

 And again until you wish you were dead, with every stroke I remember every blood I bled

 Why I am a serial killer why indeed, I’m just returning all the pain that was inflicting on me

I’m praying for someone to stop who I am, stab me shoot me do whatever you can

Because if you don’t stop me it will remain, the only way to stop me is to stop the pain

Believe me I've tried to take my own life, it hasn't been successful maybe tonight

It’s ironic a serial killer is about to kill me, what they do not realize they have set me free

Moments before my life was to end, I seen the face of every life I took over and over again

As satin came down it felt like an eternal flame and handed down my sentence in hell

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