Friday, October 10, 2014


                                           THE  CROSSER'S

 Randy Got into his friends truck and they headed south then they figured out their already lost

Randy started Wondering where they’re going to end up and if they had enough for what gas cost

They cruised through the backwoods of Illinois, they were dusting up the dirt roads just like when they were  boys

The crosser s were cutting through rush hour in Chicago, up through some small town in Santiago

Rushing to get to Mont rose where we can ride with the best in the supers cross

The arena crowd was loud, till the hoop DE duos threw randy to the ground without a sound

This is a time when you see how tough you are through all the pain to lift to man up

  His daddy didn't raise no mouse, so randy manned up and won the super cross

the crosser's Signed autographs for all their young fans, the other motor crosser s cared less about the fans

Decoster was the greatest super crosser in the world, he was so quick it make your hair curl

Randy and the crosser's are heading back home,Randy's mother is on the phone,  Randy's dad is not well

And his mothers home alone, the crosser's hit the pedal drove right through, we done things other super crosser's couldn't do

crosser's made it Home by morning on a three day drive,wasn't boring god  knows why we're still alive

Elevators broke so randy ran five flights of stairs, he was five minutes to late to tell his daddy goodbye, why couldn't he have been there

one things for sure Decoster died proud knowing, that Randy kept the Decoster super cross championship going

Every time he thinks about the day his dad died, he hears a voice saying ride Decoster ride

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