Friday, October 24, 2014


             WITHOUT ME
You thin k your better off without me

Do you believe everything that you hear?

So you take what you know

As long as it don’t interfere with my flow

With or without me, you’ll make the big show

You go one on one, all the places you told

Not where you want to be, to even your flow

You want me to see everything you know

Understand it’s not a game, it’s a touch n go

Like an old flame the torch is burning low

Before I came, there’s not too much you don’t know

I’ll do what I can, I know we can work it out

I am what I am, and I know what I know

With everything we've been through

A place you called home in the end I’m still alone

Why don’t you write me, or even by phone

The next phase of the text, so I know where to go

From one to another, when it comes to you

I can go on forever, what do you see in him

So I got a gun and moved to the lever

But if I want you back, I need to keep it together

You’re still not over him, he looks like Mighty Quinn

Bring it up and I’ll say it all over again How can this be, it doesn't seem fair

Every bodies moving I’m going no ware

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