Saturday, October 25, 2014


         WITH YOU I’M OK

 I walk by and you look back Giggling between swigs’ of diet coke

    You had me at hello, so I told another joke you giggled until you choked

Then The room started lighting up when you walk in you’re the perfect side of  angel

 With you I feel safe you’re never in danger I’m OK you break in a conversation

Of us together like me and you forever, because it don’t get no better than this

You know what it is, it’s summer time when the suns starting to unwind

Or an I love you without a sound, you start to call then you remembered

I can hear you when you say nothing at all, like whispering through the wind

Never having to say another word again, because you know, what I think

When I need, when I’m lost and really not me, you’re the side of me I can never be

Being cold when you’re not by my side, saying it’ll be ok when I break down and cry

You’re a little crazy in everything you do, yes baby girl it’s why I’m in love with you

You’re my eyes when I’m feeling blind, you make me soft when I’m feeling kind

I’ll never make it alone, because you complete me like no one, you laugh at my corny jokes

You take time to help out the older folks, you say no when they told you to let me go

Cause you seen you and me in the golden years, and sometimes I’m not who you

Need me to be, so I write down the reasons I don’t need you around

Ok girl you had me at no, because I couldn't write one word down

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