Saturday, October 4, 2014


               MY LITTLE GIRL

 The moments that were most precious to me

 Was when she fell down and scraped her knees

 And my little girl turned around and ran back to me

 Watching her growing up, driving the first time  was in my truck

 She’s no longer a baby still she’ll always be my little girl

 Upon her wedding day she wanted me to give her away

 Now she’s been married for a while, she’s happy with her husband and child

My little girl now has a girl of her own, without my little girls I’m all alone

Now my time is up and I begin my will, I leave it all to my little girls

Time has passed I’ve come to an end, I have to close my eyes to see my little girls again

 Then I had closed my eyes dreaming of my little girls one last time

 What they found was me in time alls left in my hands was a picture of the little girls of mine

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