Friday, October 10, 2014


The death of a dying man, for reasons you never could understand

I’m sorry said the dying man, you wouldn't stop him even if you can, because you're a coward so you
 turned and ran

Not everyone was meant to live this life,as son as you figure that out you'll be alright

A stranger ask who I am, friend you wouldn't understand I’m just another lonely man

The voice I have always been waiting to hear, a voice thats so clear,I knew for sure the voice was near

The voice got stronger upon the peer, through the fog it was his families voice that appeared, was that

 the one he could hear?

The voices Called pleading upon him for his life, he replied back where were you all those painful nights

so many nights he was among the walking dead, for his life it was already over inside his head

suddenly his family reached for him, he replied softly please don’t come near, his voice was broken up by

 all those tears,like skittles in the atmosphere

then An angel called upon the dying man’s family to save him, don't jump suicides a sin

there are Some thing’s god won’t forgive, only he can decide the last day you live, as he turns to come off

 the ledge

He slipped going off the edge his last failing words were goodbye, I guess God decided this is the day he dies
his family saved him from committing suicide, if you look right you can see him wave goodbye

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