Tuesday, October 14, 2014



         This Halloween was like no other

         I taken a dredged wrong turn this I discovered

         I now must Zig zag through the ghetto to get to my mother

        As I came across the scariest Frankenstein I've ever seen

        He wasn't like the normal Frankenstein giving out candy he was mean

        Grabbed my bag of candy and wouldn't give it back to me

       He tied me up in the basement and covered my eyes so I can’t see

       And when he was upstairs giving out candy I had broken free

       And I’m back on my journey, I must start over and get candy

         For being my favorite day October 31, this Halloween has been the worst

        A gang of neighborhood freaks, chasing me from street to street

         I finally seen a street I know until some big green monster wouldn't let me through

         To find out it was my neighbor Mr., slate in a costume of Mr. McCool

       The whole neighborhood was out looking for me, I told them how I broke free

       I told them I am sad because my candy was taken from a man that was bad

         All the neighbor kids shared their candy with me, I’m at home right where I need to be


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