Saturday, October 4, 2014


   Cops tasered a 62 year old lady and laughed

   Like it was a cattle prod and she was the calf

   Cops they used to be compassionate and always did the right thing

   Some cops will shoot you for walking down the road others are tasering just for show

  They had fun tasering a dehydrated man because he couldn't walk

  Another got zapped just because they didn't like the way they talked

 There was a young man Michael brown and the cops shot him down

 So he wasn’t the most innocent lad but really did he have to be shot dead

In the last year so many residents have been gun down, it opened our eyes after brown

I’m trying to understand there side of the story, but anyway you spin it comes out gory

I need to believe it’s not about white or black, but about credibility lately has been lacked



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